roberta n

“In my jam packed schedule, it’s hard but necessary to find time to exercise. My regular workouts with Mary help me stay fit. And I have fun at the same time!”  (Roberta N.)


"Mary has been a godsend in helping me regain and retain my strength, and self-confidence after weeks of physical therapy and two nasty fractures.” (S. DeF.)


“I have trained with Mary for over 15 years. She is supportive and encouraging of your progress, regardless of your age or initial level of fitness and ability. While she is sensitive to your situation, she pushes you forward when she knows you can do more!” (Connie W.)


"As part of my equestrian riding training, we work on strength, posture, and endurance training. Mary's focus and understanding of my sport has been instrumental to my success." (Julia K.)


Through Mary’s careful instruction and support, I have achieved many personal health and fitness goals."  (Lucy K.)

Jay S.

“What I really like is Mary’s ability to work around an injury. She always has exercises that keep me going without pain. I leave each session feeling positive about life. Her personal and professional approach keeps me coming back!” (Jay S.)


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"Mary is not only the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever worked with but is also dedicated to her clients and their success. She offers the most personalized workout I have ever had.”  (Louise L.)